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Hello, welcome. For over 25 years in industry and education I have pursued the science and craft of high quality foresight. This is, how to construct a superior view of forward implications of today’s situations (those we control and those we don’t.) High-quality forward-thinking is the basis of high-quality leadership decisions


In the Strategic Foresight Research Network at Aarhus University Business School BSS, I investigate methods for enhancing leadership future-preparedness, including scenario planning, systems dynamics, design thinking, and trend audits.


Applied future-exploration-and-planning workshops. We roll up our sleeves to create signal-and trend-informed pathways. And we use this to guide innovation to compete in markets of tomorrow. Challenge your solutions before your clients do!


Not the usual blah. This is a constantly updated guide to the seeds of tomorrow as already evident in today's signals and data. Events trends, disruptors, reframes. Delivered as keynote or bespoke briefings, either in-person or online.



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Future Navigation: The Leadership Conversation

Education in Strategic Foresight Tools & Methods

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Methods to anticipate and manage changing external conditions that cannot be predicted or controlled