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Hello, welcome. For over 25 years in industry and education I have pursued the science and craft of better foresight. This means, how to construct a superior view of the future implications of today’s situations and choices (both those we control and those we don’t.) Skilled foresight informs leadership decisions, operational management and durable stewardship. This is what I offer.


In the Strategic Foresight Research Network at Aarhus University Business School BSS, I investigate methods for enhancing leadership future-preparedness, including scenario planning, systems dynamics, design thinking, and trend audits.


Applied future-exploration-and-planning workshops. We roll up our sleeves to create signal-and trend-informed pathways. And we use this to guide innovation to compete in markets of tomorrow. Challenge your solutions before your clients do!


Not the usual blah. This is a constantly updated guide to the seeds of tomorrow as already evident in today's signals and data. Events trends, disruptors, reframes. Delivered as keynote or bespoke briefings, either in-person or online.

 Ongoing Publications

Ongoing Publications

  • Gordon, A., Ramic, M., Rohrbeck, R, & Spaniol, S. (2020) 50 years of Corporate and Organizational Foresight: Looking Back and Going Forward. Technology Forecasting & Social Change.
  • Gordon, A., (2020). Limits and Longevity: A Model for Scenarios that Aim to Influence the Future. Technology Forecasting & Social Change.
  • Gordon, A., (2020). Matrix Purpose in Scenario Planning: Implications of Congruence with Organization Purpose. Futures.
  • Gordon, A., Rohrbeck, R., and Schwarz J., (2019). Escaping the 'Faster Horses' Trap: Bridging Strategic Foresight and Design-Based Innovation. Technology Innovation Management Review.
  • Rohrbeck, R., Menes, E., Jyssink, T., & Gordon, A (2018). Corporate Foresight Benchmarking Report: How Leading Firms Build a Superior Position in Markets of the Future. Leadership

Education in Strategic Foresight Tools & Methods

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Methods to anticipate and manage changing external conditions that cannot be predicted or controlled