I'm a leadership educator and research faculty at Aarhus BSS business school. I link management foresight thinking and executive learning. A changing world matters hugely to decision success, but prediction is a fool's game and strategic planning is too brittle. Successful leaders learn their way to the future. I bring future-learning methods to decision-makers via research, publishing, seminars, workshops, and Exec Ed.


I work in the Strategic Foresight Research Network at Aarhus University Business School BSS, investigating Open Innovation, Scenario-Learning, Board-level Future Readiness, Quality in Industry Foresight, and similar topics


I run future-think and plan workshops. We roll up our sleeves and create future-informed pathways to guide strategy and innovation to compete in markets of tomorrow. Challenge your solutions before your clients do!


I deliver keynotes, in-company briefings, masterclasses, and online. High quality non-predictive foresight content, trends, disruptors, and implications: scoping, framing, challenging, and landing the ideas that matter.

Quality in Foresight

Literate. Numerate. Futurate. What is futurate? It's not prediction. Once you realise much around you is VUCA, you know the strict limits of prediction. And when you know that, you are thrown back on qualified and nuanced judgment to make sense of external change and its implications for you. How to improve your judgment? From sugary prognosticators you won't get much you can use. But there is a suite of tools, methods and endorsed practices, verified by academics, analysts, and practitioners over 60 years, that leads you step-by-learning-step to a higher-quality point of view of your industry or sector's future opportunities. With this, your management team, your board, your whole outfit becomes futurate. That is, future prepared. Mentally, systemically, organizationally ready to manage uncertainty and profit from change. Ask me how.

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Education in Strategic Foresight Tools & Methods

Ask also about courses in Systems Thinking, Strategy & Planning, and Organization Fuiture Readiness

Quality in Foresight: Speaking Events. Facilitated Workshops. Executive Seminars, Learning Journeys.


  • Jun, 22

    SFRN Foresight Benchmarking Report is Out

    Future Preparedness is shown to be a factor strongly influencing mid-long term future firm performance, and such preparedness can be achieved via the systematic application of future preparation activities, particularly Perceiving, Prospecting, and Probing, as part of the strategic leadership function. Read it here.

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