Here are programs and seminars that I run in-company for you. Executive learning journeys are closely woven to company priorities and real-world solutions.

Strategic Foresight 
Tools, methods and perspectives of industry and strategic foresight. Topics: Horizon scanning; trend tracking; cognitive biases; forecast filtering; systems thinking; risk management; scenario planning; navigating complexity; ideation and design thinking; integrating resources; strategy formation; product and service evolution; business model innovation. 

Scenario Planning
A course focused on scenario planning, covering various approaches to the topic. In longer versions (4-days) delegates develop scenarios as a primary learning activity. Topics: horizon scanning; trend tracking; issue recognition; management paradigms; levels of uncertainty; adaptive scenarios, advocacy scenarios; building scenarios; from scenarios to strategy. 

Systems Thinking 
A course focused on principles of systems dynamics, non-linear causality and using systems analysis to anticipate complex outcomes and overcome recalcitrant problems. Topics: Principles of systems thinking; causal loop diagrams; feedback effects; systems archetypes; systems intervention; systems-based strategy formation.
Design Thinking  
Teaching the principles of design thinking and rapid prototyping for product and service advancement. Normally applied to live in-progress innovation situation. Topics: Principles of design; formalist approaches to creativity; ideation; productivity of limits; user analysis; prototyping and renewal; design-based innovation; design and strategy formation.
Strategy & Planning
A classic strategy program, covering principles of strategic analysis and strategy formation adapted to industry sector. Topics: Vision, mission, goals; sources of competitive advantage; industry analysis; resource-based view of the firm; strategy canvas; risk management; diversification; strategy formation; strategy implementation; strategy and culture.